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What exactly is an installment loan?

This is not like a payday loan that has to be paid off all at once in one big payment. An online installment loans are paid off little by little, in affordable monthly payments. These repayments are generally spread out over several months or even years. With each incremental payment, you are repaying a portion of the original loan amount plus interest.

Since you would be paying off online installment loans over an extended period of time, unlike with a payday loan, you may be allowed to borrow more money than would be possible to repay in one pay period. The advantage of taking out an installment loan is that you are not forced to pay it all back at once, and instead your repayments are spaced out, which takes the pressure off you and your bank account.

How does installment loan online actually work?

On our site you will be offered a range of options to choose from for your online installment loan. Your options will depend on the information you provide in your application and the laws of the state you live in. When filling your loan application, you will be asked how much money you would like to borrow as well as how long you will need to repay the loan.

Before you answer these questions, give them careful consideration. If you’re smart, you will only ask to borrow exactly what you need and no more. If you decide to borrow more, this will only add to the amount you’ll have to pay back.

In the same vein, you would want to select the shortest period of time to repay your cash loan while still making sure the incremental amount is something you can comfortably live with. If you spread your repayments out longer your incremental payments will be smaller, but in the end you will pay more for your loan in added interest.

Why do people get installment loans online?

Online installment loans come in very handy when someone is faced with a necessary expense that must be covered. These could be sudden car repairs, medical expenses or an unexpected home maintenance problem. In these types of situations, an installment loan provides the quick cash needed to take care of the unexpected and immediate expense. With the extended repayment schedule you can repay the loan at a pace that fits within your budget, once you’re past the financial emergency.

What you need to remember is that installment loans online are meant to cover critically important expenses. This type of loan should never be considered for an impulsive purchase that simply isn’t necessary. When you take out a cash loan you are taking on a major financial responsibility because if you miss your repayments or fail to repay the loan on time there could be very serious financial consequences for you. Our advice is to borrow only what you need and only when you are certain you have the ability to repay the loan under the terms of the agreement.

What are the required qualifications to apply for a loan?

Eligibility requirements for people applying to direct lenders for an installment loan are:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Currently employed at a job for at least a month
  • Must actively be using a checking account under your name
  • Be a permanent legal resident or U.S. citizen
  • Reside in a state where we are set up to offer installment loans

To find out if installment loans online or other types of online loans are offered in your state, refer to our Rates & Terms web page.

How much money would I be able to borrow?

The exact amount of money you’d be able to borrow is determined by the state you live in. We have information on our Rates & Term web page outlining what you should be able to borrow in your state.

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