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Installmentloanonline.net provides a free service. Your lender will determine the rates and fees associated with your loan. We are not a direct lender and do not provide loans to consumers. We use the information you offer in your inquiry, quickly submiting that to connect you with one of the lenders in our network.

Complete Disclosure of All Terms

According to the Truth in Lending Act all lenders must fully disclose all terms, fees and interest rates on any loan they are providing. This must be done prior to you accepting your loan. If you agree to accept the loan you are offered, most lenders will send you to a web page where you can write an e-signature to complete the process. We encourage you in the strongest terms to take the time needed to fully read the information on your loan agreement prior to accepting the loan and leaving your e-signature.

Late Payment Policies

Lenders determine and set their own late payment policy. Before agreeing to accept a loan read your lenders late payment policy and make sure you understand it before accepting. All lenders are required to comply with applicable rules, regulations and laws concerning the fees they can charge for late payments. Select your state in the list below to read over the various laws and regulations that govern late payments in your state.

Non-payment Policies

If you are not able to repay your loan according to your agreement, additional charges and/or fees may apply. Installmentloanonline.net makes every attempt to only work with reputable lenders that use lawful, reasonable and fair methods when trying to collect overdue loan payments. Look for your state in the list below to read the legal repercussions that would apply to you if you are unable to repay your loan.

Loan Renewal Policies

State law for the most part governs loan renewal policies. In states that allow rollovers, added interest as well as late fees can add substantially to the total loan amount that must be repaid. This is why consumers try to avoid these situations if they possibly can. Look for your state in the list below to read the laws concerning rollovers and extensions. Review the lender’s terms to consider your renewal options before agreeing to the loan.

Rate & Fee Regulations by State

Look for your state in the list below to read over the laws and regulations that govern cash advance loans:

NOTE: This list is provided for informational purposes only. The content is not intended as legal advice. The information might not be up-to-date nor accurate at all times. If you want to ask a specific question regarding the laws and regulations that would apply to your loan, please reach out to your lender and pose the question or consult with an attorney. In some states there are no lending statutory provisions that pertain to personal loans.



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