Speculation Mounts About President Trump’s Order To Build Wall Along Mexico Border

February 3, 2017
Build Wall Along Mexico Border

The structure, which is set to be between 1,000 and 2,000 miles long is set to cost around $12 to $25 billion, and it appears that, despite Trump’s assertion that Mexico will pay for it, U.S. consumers will be the ones to pay for the wall.

One thing is certain – if the wall construction does move forward as anticipated, it will generate thousands of jobs for U.S. workers.

Michael Montgomery is a consultant that helps developers get an idea of what the economic impact will be on projects. According to Montgomery, the wall would generate up to 25,600 jobs for the construction period that could cost up to $15 billion as noted by Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader.

However, these won’t be new jobs – just established manufacturing and construction employees doing the work. Some positions, however, from material-producing manufacturers to cooks feeding the crew, would be nearly supported by the GOP budget estimate.

There’s a problem right now. The nation is experiencing a construction labor shortage with housing developers working to bring supply and demand back in line. According to Juli Smith with the firm Smith Consulting Group, it will be difficult to hire legal labor to fill the jobs.

Smith said construction supervisors often turn to undocumented immigrant workers to do the job.

Still, there are ways the president’s anti-immigration efforts would produce jobs such as additional border patrol agents. The problem with this is that the salaries for customs officers and border patrol agents are one of the highest for the Department of Homeland Security and that would negate his promise to reduce government spending.

If Trump can get the Mexican government to pay for the wall (which its president has said over and over that it would not do), then Mexico could use its own labor and materials and give the jobs stimulus to its countrymen and women.

President and CEO at MannattJones Global Strategies Michael Camuñez said Mexico would not pay for the wall, equating it to a person from East Berlin to build a wall that blocks them from other parts of the world.


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