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Build Wall Along Mexico Border
February 3, 2017

Speculation Mounts About President Trump’s Order To Build Wall Along Mexico Border

There is still a plethora of speculation circulating about President Donald Trump’s executive order to start the building of the border wall along the Mexico line.

Several Overseas Banks Over Mortgage-Based Securities
January 16, 2017

U.S. Regulators Reach Deal With Several Overseas Banks Over Mortgage-Based Securities

U.S. regulators and the Deutsche Bank in Germany have come to an agreement the bank will pay $7.2 billion regarding an investigation into its mortgage-backed securities.

Boeing and President-Elect Trump Talk After Tweet Suggesting
December 16, 2016

Boeing and President-Elect Trump Talk After Tweet Suggesting Air Force One Plans Be Scrapped

President-elect Donald Trump recently spoke with Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, about the cost of the new Air Force One amid Trump’s threat that he would cancel plans. According to Muilenburg, the company is going to work on reducing the cost to keep the contract.

Researchers Discover Hackers
December 14, 2016

Researchers Discover Hackers Can Get Credit Card Info With Multiple Purchasing Tries

People lock up their digital lives with security questions and passwords; but, despite all that, it can’t keep some people from getting to their private information. With information on the credit cards, how is one to keep themselves safe from identity theft.

Ford Is Raising Nearly $3B
December 14, 2016

Ford Is Raising Nearly $3B For Transportation Expansion

Ford Motor Co. announced Monday that the company would raise almost $3 billion to expand into areas of transportation that don’t just include manufacturing and selling vehicles.

Amazon GO is already being beta tested by their employees
December 8, 2016

Amazon Ventures Into Actual Grocery Shopping Store With Amazon Go

Amazon is trying to end the standing in checkout lines for grocery shopping with its brick-and-mortar convenience store – Amazon Go.

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