Boeing and President-Elect Trump Talk After Tweet Suggesting Air Force One Plans Be Scrapped

December 16, 2016
Boeing and President-Elect Trump Talk After Tweet Suggesting

Muilenburg offered his congratulations to Trump on winning the election and was dedicated to working with the incoming administration on controlling costs and setting up requirements for the new Air Force One – to ensure the program is still affordable for the American taxpayers.

The two men also talked about the importance of U.S. manufacturing and Boeing’s strong contribution to U.S. jobs. Boeing is the U.S.’s biggest exporter, but it opened a facility in China to complete jets that were sold to Chinese airlines. Boeing employs more than 151,000 workers in the U.S. and several thousand in buildings overseas.

Regardless of what goes on with Air Force One, Boeing, which is a major defense contractor, wants to stay in the incoming administration’s good graces. The company also manufactures commercial jets. The company had around $26 billion in sales from its government contracts in the U.S. (27 percent of its yearly revenue).

Trump had tweeted the costs for one of Boeing’s Air Force One planes was exceeding $4 billion and suggested the order be canceled. He said Boeing needs to make money, but not that much money.

Trump said he’s open to negotiating prices. He said he knows planes are expensive but that it was necessary to start bringing those prices down. Trump said if the prices don’t drop, the order will be canceled and the administration will stay with what it has.

The two Air Force One jets current in service began in 1990 under the George H.W. Bush administration and are nearing their planned lifespan.

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